The Good Society #25.1


  • The Emergency Manager: Strategic Racism, Technocracy, and the Poisoning of Flint’s Children” by Jason Stanley
  • Laudato Si’, Civic Studies, and the Future of Democracy” by Harry C. Boyte
  • Paradoxes of Public Participation in Climate Change Governance” by Leah Sprain
  • The Impact of Ghanaian Peacekeeping on Domestic Civil-Military Relations” by Daniel H. Levine
  • Articulation and Concordance: A Dialogue on Civil-Military Relations in Fiji” between Teresia Teaiwa and Raijeli Nicole
  • A Review of Christopher H. Achen and Larry M. Bartels, Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government by Celia Paris


CALL FOR PAPERS: The Good Society #26.1

Special Issue: Civic Politics and Global Order

The editorial board of The Good Society invites submissions from scholars and practitioners
exploring the relationship between civic politics and global order.

Is there a regulative ideal of global order that self-governing aspirants and civic agents should adopt? If so, how can it be formulated, disseminated, theorized, and realized in a manner that respects the plural as well as universal interests and experience of humanity?

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